Director of the Department of Environmental Affairs of the municipality: we have a plan to implement as a healthy environmental alternative to waste disposal

Adnan Sayed Mohsen, director of the Department of Environmental Affairs of Kuwait Municipality, stated that the Department has a plan that we are currently working on as healthy environmental alternatives to waste disposal rather than to fill them with the establishment of a waste recycling plant to be used in cooperation with the Partnership authority and waste incineration and energy utilization Thermal resulting from combustion in the production of electricity it will be the first project of its kind in the region and will constitute a qualitative leap in the process of dealing with wastes by shifting from the process of random filling of the incineration process.
According to a study of environmental irregularities in the previous year's camping season, Adnan said that security, safety, the natural environment and cleanliness and non-compliance with the specific location of each camp and there is an annual program in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the scientific center and the educational and Health districts The voluntary committees and official representatives of the State to promote environmental awareness.
Mohsen stressed the need to focus and intensify efforts to spread environmental awareness so as to reach a positive stage in the cooperation between citizens, government projects and laws, because the absence of such cooperation helps to make these projects and laws not successful, and they help all projects and youth initiatives Their own and they have provided solutions and assistance and they have cooperated with more than one hand.