Reservoirs - water pipes

Serving the desalination plants in Kuwait is a good infrastructure and a sophisticated good network embodied in the combination of transmission pipelines and distribution of water with lengths ranging from 1525 km only in 1975 to 7048 km in 2000 1525 km. Serving as these networks’ group of terrestrial and upper reservoirs are the famous "Kuwait Towers" on the coast of Persian Gulf; with a number of ground reservoirs with a capacity of 65 storage tanks with 2158 million imperial gallons. The upper reservoirs amount to 39 high reservoirs with storage capacity of 25 million gallons and the Imperial tanks are fitted with water purification system and re-sterilization to ensure the continuity of cleanliness.

Maintaining this intricate piping system is a number of pumping stations that ensure the continuity of water flow across the network smoothly and within the required rates of consumers. It also controls the process of pumping water through the network’s central water control centre located in Shuwaikh. In order for each station to ensure water’s quality and contaminants Free State a laboratory equipped with the latest analytical instruments is provided for the analysis necessary around the clock to ensure the purity of water and its suitability for use. An active contributor in the field of water distillation, technology and development is the Development Centre of water sources, also located in Shuwaikh.

The average per capita consumption of desalinated water produced was about 108 gallons of empire/day in 2001. The high rate of consumption is primarily due to the high standards of living and the state’s generous subsidies of water, where they sell desalinated water at nominal prices which calls for excessive use of the natural water resources. Moreover, very few use some of desalinated water in the irrigation process of some agricultural projects after mixing high groundwater salinity, and this is evident in the regions of Abdali and other abundant farming settlements.