In a statement to Beatona, Dr./Adel Deshty stated that: “inauguration of the first academy for environmental volunteering”

Write- Mahmoud Almasry

Dr. Adel Deshty, director of “Date Palm Friends Society”, declared that the society was an extension for the national campaign of Million Palm Project and that the first academy for environmental volunteering in the Arab World was inaugurated during the forum of the voluntary environmental teams.

Dr. Adel Deshty said that an environmental channel “Beeaty” was launched and it was a specialized environmental channel and it was available on the internet at that time.

He added that focus would be on the awareness-raising approach in the forthcoming period and that the awareness-raising approach of rationalizing consisted of three factors:

-   Rationalizing energy consumption.

-   Rationalizing ecological wastes.

-   Water rationalizing.

Dr. Adel Deshty wondered whether Kuwait was considered one of the poorest countries in terms of water resources, however it was one of the largest consumers of water, according to per capita water consumption. He emphasized the need for conducting campaigns of rationalizing consumption and concerned efforts of all involved were required.

He added that a big national campaign was conducted to rationalize consumption and Dr. Adel Deshty suggested that a week should be devoted to rationalize consumption, a week for water rationalizing and another week for rationalizing ecological wastes.