In a statement to Beatona, Dr.Ayman Alkatan stated that: “there are not laws, which organize the process of citizens investments in the field of renewable energy”.

Write- Mahmoud Almasry

, Renewable Energy Program Manager at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, the current manager for the project of Shagaya, declared that the first phase of the project had been completed, with production capacity (10 megawatts), he added that it was expected that the start-up operations would been officially conducted in next June 2018, and that the next phase would be performed through the petroleum sector, as well as the third phase would be executed through Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects.

Dr.Ayman Alkatan pointed out that the Solar thermal power was at the first place in terms of production quantity in Kuwait, followed by the wind power, followed by Photovoltaic power, and that the Solar thermal power was in the site of Shagaya and that Photovoltaic power was in the other projects, be it at home, associations, or governmental buildings.

Dr.Ayman Alkatan reported that the two main identified points, which hinder the production of renewable energy, were as follows:

Firstly: the incapability of controlling the weather conditions, which inevitably affected the quantity of the energy produced.

Secondly: the impossibility of the storage capacity for the renewable energy and the high storage costs.