In a statement to Beatona, Dr.Jasim Alawady stated that: “the environmental situation is acceptable in Kuwait, but it is not the best one

Write- Mahmoud Almasry


Dr. Jasim Alawady, professor and chairman of Earth and environmental sciences department at the faculty of science  - Kuwait university, declared that the current environmental situation was acceptable in Kuwait, in comparison to other neighboring and regional countries, and that they were better than these countries in this respect. He added that some infringements and violations occurred, but they aimed to be the best in the period ahead and there were some problems, which affected badly the marine environment, the most hazardous were sewerage and industrial effluents.

 Dr.Jasim Alawady stated also that Kuwait was one of the largest producers of effluents and that the waste production was 2 kilo per capita per day, which was considered a significant number. He stated that the increasing human activity, which was directed towards sea, affected the marine environment and it might led to the constant occurrence of the phenomenon of fishing mortality and red tide.

Dr.Jasim Alawady emphasized the need of applying the provisions of laws for the problem of “camps”, as that problem was a disastrous and harmful social phenomenon for the environment. An important reason for the problem of wastes were the lack of environmental awareness on that issue and absence of investments in that respect, however, the investment in that field was considered the most successful investment in the world, but this matter was different in Kuwait.a