There is a rare astronomical phenomenon of lunar eclipse for the first time in about 150 years.

Cinematographer-Walid al-Nasralullah/Faisal Al Numes.


There was a rare astronomical phenomenon in the skies of Kuwait, the total eclipse of the Blue giant Moon, which had already occurred since 150 years ago, and the giant Moon was seen in part. In the skies of Kuwait for 45 minutes, the world witnessed in the meantime a unique astronomical event that presented a breathtaking heavenly spectacle that enabled the inhabitants of a large part of a To the land of his vision, in a phenomenon called by scientists, "The Giant Blue blood moon.

The eclipse with a black aura began to gradually disappear the white moon, and after an hour wrapped up the darkness of the moon before it gradually unfolded again with a copper swab painted its surface.

This landscape is available in North America, Russia, Asia and the Pacific, but the majority of Europe, Africa and South America were in turn deprived of this dazzling display of sunlight