Kuwaiti Dive Team lifted 4 tons of effluents from the coast of Fahaheel
The Kuwaiti Dive Team, which worked for “Environmental Voluntary Foundation”, was able to lift 4 tons of hazardous wastes, which affected the marine environment in the northern coast of Fahaheel area, as part of the initiative “our see”, that was concerned with protecting the seashore and Kuwaiti environment, in cooperation with Touristic Enterprises Company and municipality of Kuwait.
In press statement, Team Leader, Mr./Waleed Elfadal, stated that the wastes, which are located in northern coast of the Al Fahaheel Marine Club, were serious and significant damages for coastal and marine environment, considering the large volume of these wastes, including plastic wastes, rusting iron, pipes, ropes and wooden parts, that had direct effects on marine environment.
Mr./Waleed Elfadal added that such wastes were caused by the recent rainfall in Kuwait, as the rainwater sewerage helped to direct these wastes to the coast, along with other wastes, that were caused by water currents and tides.
Based upon that, the Dive Team and other relevant participants had launched that operation of coastal cleanup, which resulted in lifting 4 tons of these wastes.