general manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Environment Authority, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad, said that the Authority has always maintained with the community through the various media. It has been shown that some of the dust rates are high, stressing Kuwait air quality is considered satisfactory and the dust rate is normal



In a statement on the sidelines of the signing of the Authority and the General Administration of Customs, a cooperation agreement to launch the electronic link between the two sides and maintain the confidentiality of information, and activating the customs release electronically, after the completion of the technical tests necessary for that, he said that " With the surrounding community, Kuwait is located in the dusty region, which leads to high rates of dust suspended in the atmosphere, which is normal in this climate », reassuring everyone that the atmosphere in the State of Kuwait is considered satisfactory  and the dust rate is normal,


Al-Ahmad said in his speech that «the agreement in response to the public policy of the State of Kuwait to automate and connect all administrative bodies electronically, and to strengthen the real partnership and open the frameworks of cooperation to contribute in providing services and exchange views to serve the public interest and guarantee the rights of the State», pointing out that «the Convention will help in the circulation of chemicals And the speed of completion of transactions between the Authority and Customs, and will reduce the entry of harmful chemicals and legalize and arrange in the state », adding that« electronic communication facilitates transactions and was suspended paper transactions between the two parties and replace of mail.