Waste management is one of the most important environmental challenges facing all the countries of the world," said general manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Environment Authority Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad Al-Hammoud Assubah.

In his opening speech to a symposium titled (Waste Management for health maintaining and sustainable development), Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad said that waste management is an environmental problem that threatens the countries of the world because of its health, environmental and security risks, while requiring considerable experience, hard work and high material cost to restore its rehabilitation, utilization and inclusion in the environmental system. He explained also that the symposium aimed to examine all aspects of the waste issue in Kuwait and the best way to manage it to achieve occupational health and sustainable development. He added that Kuwait had been plagued by the problem of waste management and rehabilitation since tens of years when cleaning companies were allowed to exploit the not engineered and environmentally-unprocessed quarry pits for the purposes of filling and disposing of the various types of waste mentioning that the amount of municipal waste is estimated by about 50 million cubic meters of all these fillings, which are considered to be ineligible. Hence, it must be dealt as quickly as possible, especially it has become close to the new residential areas due to the urban crawling of the cities.