The Director-General of EPA, Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad al-Hmoud al-Sabah, said that the Commission is in the final stages of contracting with the Harvard Public Health Center to conduct a comprehensive air quality survey in Kuwait in general and the southern region in particular


In a press statement, Sheikh Abdullah said: cooperation between the two sides would also include estimating the current environmental loads of all areas of Kuwait and the requirements of the specific expansion of development plans and the vision of Kuwait 2035 as a prelude to decision-making that takes into account environmental, social and economic dimensions and ensures the sustainability Development in the country. The Commission had agreed with the board of directors of the industry Public authority to stop the expansion of the settlement of new and existing industries in the western region of Shuaiba and updating of all studies to take into account the change in land uses and the settlement of many new activities in the oil sector And residential in the southern region


He stressed the Commission's eagerness to accelerate development and develop state sectors, including the industrial sector, and to ensure that development was in line with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act and its Executive regulations