Mr./ Faysal Boalian, deputy director for department of water pollution and chairman of monitoring water pollution department in “Environment Public Authority”, declared that the marine environment faced many problems in Kuwait and that sewerage, waste water and oil pollution were the most hazardous factors, which caused the marine pollution, that caused great harm to the marine organisms, one of the most important contributing factors, that caused phenomenon of fishing mortality.
In the interview with the editors of “Beatona”, Mr./ Faysal Boalian emphasized that the relevant operations of surveillance would be continued, with respect to the marine environment and coasts, and that they were supported by the Environment Public Authority.The surveillance of coastline was considered a routine work, which was performed regularly, whereby samples were weekly collected from 12 locations across the state of Kuwait, besides the constant surveillance for exits and sewerage. that procedure was considered a precautionary thing, as there were about 70 sewers, which were under the responsibility of ministry of public works, that might emit some pollutants.