The general manager of “Environment Public Authority”, Mr./Abdullah Ahmed emphasized that Kuwait faced many environmental problems, including toxic and hazardous industrial effluents, industrial pollution, desertification, and problems of soil and marine environment. Besides the degradation of natural coastal areas, which were affected by global problems, such as Ozone depletion, toxic effluents, and extinction of living beings.
during the event “conservation of the wildlife of Gulf Cooperation Council States”, which was celebrated under the theme “ towards a sustainable wildlife”, that was organized by the “Environment Public Authority” in cooperation with “Kuwait Environment Protection Society”, Mr./ Abdullah Ahmed added that the rapid economic growth, which was experienced by Gulf Cooperation Council States, was accompanied by many environmental threats, which had led to the loss of many types of fungal species and the relevant habitat destruction, as these Arabian Gulf States had a reputation for the existence of prosperous environmental life.
Mr./ Abdullah Ahmed pointed out that “Gulf Cooperation Council States” celebrated annually “The Day of Wildlife” on 30th December, with a view to making that day an annual event that combined the efforts of these states in order to conserve the wildlife, ecosystems and endangered species.
Mr./Abdullah Ahmed emphasized the importance and effectiveness of the cooperation of “Environment Public Authority” with the civil society organizations concerned on environment issues, so that the joint environmental action could be promoted.