The Kuwaiti association for the Protection of the environment called upon citizens and incoming to abide by disciplined environmental behavior during the national holiday period in order to protect all the environmental components of natural habitats and their organisms after the association has detected numerous abuses and infringements.

Assembly Secretary General Janan Behzad said: "Environmental protection" calls on all to follow the standards of environmental discipline, which reinforces the concepts and values of environmental citizenship through care and seek to avoid the excesses and abuses committed by some during the national holiday celebrations towards different particular country's terrestrial, beach and marine environments are attached to damage to many of its creatures and components.  Added Behzad: «The contamination of seawater by plastics, and resulting out of human residues on the coasts from water bottles, festive balloons, plastic bags and other consumer waste contains Non-biodegradable material, or to be precise, you need for long years until partially analyzed», noting that 30% of the world's sea turtles and 90% of seabirds are affected by such wastes.