The Minister of Oil and The Minister of Electricity and Water Bakhit Al-Rashidi stressed Kuwait's interest in preserving the environment and making it a priority in the decision making and investment standards of the oil industry.    

In a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), Al-Rashidi emphasized that the oil and gas industry interest in preserving the environment through the use and development of clean technology.

The minister pointed to the progress of the refining industry in the field of reducing carbon emissions and the production of clean products in line with international standards concerning the preservation of the environment.

Al-Rashidi pointed to the transformation witnessed by Kuwait, whether through the use of gas in power stations, the aim of targeting 15% of the total domestic energy in Kuwait on the basis of renewable energy, the expansion of the uses of solar energy, reduce of burning of gas in line with Kuwait's international obligations and ensure that all future projects are in accordance with the