The Environment Committee unanimously approved six proposals to improve the environmental situation in Kuwait.

The Committee's Rapporteur, MP Dr. Mohammed Al-Huwaila said in a statement to the Media Center in the National Assembly that the Committee discussed the latest developments in the environmental situation in Kuwait and the obstacles facing the work He added that there were observations worthy of the research, including the illegal connection of many quarters sewage and private pollutants, and the process of landfill, as well as pollutants of the Ministry of Health and the municipality and the industry.

Al-Huwailah pointed to the existence of many industrial zones that are supposed to have industrial drainage in order to preserve the marine environment.

 He pointed out that the meeting dealt with the means and procedures that must be taken to protect the environment, the importance of awareness and the role of the media in highlighting the challenges facing the environment and the development of environmental sense.

Developing new technologies, encouraging and facilitating investments in renewable energy, allocating a day to celebrate the environment, and providing the necessary financial resources for conducting research and scientific studies in this field and spreading environmental awareness.