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There are many sources of the information posted on Beatona portal, notably data and information provided by eMISK, including environmental maps and photos. Specialists and experts in environmental media, technical experts, consultants and environmental scientists also provide and prepare articles across all environmental areas. In addition, reliable environmental articles, which are published by major media agencies worldwide and local and global press are used.

1- You should comply with all effective environmental laws and regulations and regional agreements, as well as do volunteering work.
2- You can work diligently to mitigate greenhouse emissions across all commercial activities.
3- You can realize that protection the ecological system where various creatures co-exist leads to the existence of a rich environment where businesses and individuals and work and live in. To achieve this goal, we can work diligently to maintain biodiversity and its sustainable use.
4- You can contribute in developing environment-friendly (green) products and services and execute commercial operations while considering the environment.
5- You can participate positively in mitigating the use of resources and reduce the size and weight of products, and use recyclable materials, and develop and produce energy-efficient products and services and durable products.
6- You can make sure to properly use and control chemical substances used in our commercial activities. Such activities include research, development and manufacturing at levels complying with laws and regulations.
7- You can design products that take recycling into account, as a type of policies, so that their structures are detachable, and to use recyclable materials whenever possible.

You can contribute to the portal by being a volunteer member in Beatona team by reporting environmental phenome and problems to the website, supported by photos and/or videos,and let us know of any mistakes you might notice on the portal to allow us to fix and avoid in the future.

A team consisting of specialists and experts in environmental media, in addition to technical experts, consultants and environmental scientists who work together in compliance with international standards in the field of environmental data and information integration.

Beatona aims to raise awareness of nationals and residents in Kuwait by sharing accurate and reliable environmental information and data in an easy and transparent manner.

Environment Public Agency (EPA) established Kuwait’s Environmental Monitoring Information System (eMISK) in 2009, with the aim of creating a comprehensive environmental geographic database for the State of Kuwait, as well as building a geographic information system (GIS) for EPA, to provide and analyze comprehensive environmental data and develop indicators on the state of the environment and other reliable environmental information.

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer-based system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and presentspatial orgeographic data. GIS is employed in planning and decision making processes in relation to agriculture, urban planning housing expansion and infrastructure modeling(e.g.layers).

Beatona is Kuwait’s official environmental portal, developed and run by EPA’s eMISK, Kuwait.

Beatona portal comprises of two main sections” the Environmental Explorer and the Knowledge Base. The Environmental Explorer aims to encourage Kuwaiti citizens and residents to participate and interact in the preservation and protection of the environment, raise environmental awareness among the public and contribute in fixing the environment, along with reporting environment status, posting maps of all contents and alerts that should be taken into consideration.
The comprehensive Knowledge Base section contains several pages that aim to deliver reliable information to readers, including environmental data and news, maps, videos, articles and photos. The pages are on air, water, energy, biodiversity, soil, oil and gas, industry and marine environments and waste management.