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Kuwait plans to implement renewable energy projects worth 3.5 billion dollars within 5 years. The government aims to use clean renewable energy at 15% of its total consumption by 2030, the Ministry of Electricity and Water said in a report. It is seeking to reduce dependence on the currently used sources that produce pollutants to the environment, as well as eliminate dependence on oil and its derivatives. The projects are spearheaded by the Al-Shakaya Renewable Energy Complex, which aims to enhance energy security and diversify its sources in Kuwait, as well as provide non-traditional employment opportunities and create a parallel industrial economy that does not depend on the country's main source of income - oil. The report confirms that the planned projects are the largest in the Gulf countries, where it will be implemented in partnership between the public and private sectors, and the Ministry aims to reach the production of renewable energy in Kuwait to about 4500 MW by 2030.